First, I want to say that I do not believe there is any way to consistently win at slot machines. It is not a game based on skill. My belief is that winning the jackpot is the only way to win at slot machines. Even if you do win the jackpot, it is unlikely to make you a winner. I play the game for entertainment and subconsciously hope to hit the jackpot.

This system is only for me when I’m in a good mood. It’s not a winning system, but it’s fun to play and reduces my feelings of being ripped off by a particular game. There are 9 slots that I love to play. Every non-jackpot game I like has one thing in common: they all have bonus games that include free spins. These games are appealing to me for psychological reasons. I don’t know what it is but I do like the free spins. Microgaming software allows me to play my favorite games. Microgaming software is used to access a lot of online casinos. This means that many casinos are offering these games. I play at the Golden Tiger regularly.

My insane system works this way: I play only my 9 favourite games. They are Loaded, Loaded and Mad Hatters. Each game is now played for five to ten spins. I keep track of how many spins each game has, and then I start round 2. I record again how much I win/lose, add the amount to previous rounds and drop the largest loser.

This is how I keep going until I reach the final round, where I select my main game. This system does have some advantages. Instead of just sitting at the computer and pressing the “max spin” or the “spin” buttons, you record your start chip count, ending chip count, win/loss for each game. This slows down the game and increases your playtime. Although I haven’t won the jackpot with this system, it has helped me to get my Casino Bonus rewards. I receive a $10 bonus for every 1000 points that I accumulate.