The New Year celebrations in China are some of the most vibrant and colorful you will find today, and they have been celebrated for centuries.

Happy New Year by Microgaming is a video slot game that features the Chinese New Year celebrations as they are celebrated in China today every year, in February. Prepare yourself for a lot of fun, fireworks, big wins, and good luck for the year ahead.

Stay tuned to our review of Happy New Year, and be prepared for future celebrations.

Explosions in The Sky

Chinese New Year is known for its spectacular fireworks displays, which light up the sky with a rainbow of colors.

Happy New Year recreates the tradition with beautiful static fireworks. The result is striking but partially obscured by the buttons and displays.

The game screen has space for a paytable in Chinese and English and a command bar. Happy New Year is a retro-style slot machine with many things happening simultaneously. In the next section, let’s clear up the confusion by taking a closer look at itself.

Launch the Rockets

Happy New Year has the same basic rules as most slot games. The gameplay allows players to customize each spin.

The game matrix has three reels with five paylines. You only need to ensure winning symbols appear on these lines, according to the paytable displayed on the right side of the screen. You can adjust your bet and activate as many lines as you like by clicking the buttons below the reels.

The bet maximum button lets you bet your entire bankroll on all five paylines. This bold move could be worth the risk if you are lucky. You can also activate the auto spin feature and let the wheels spin for as long as you like. Play the settings to find the perfect bet that matches your risk level. Remember that you must be willing to take risks to win the jackpot.

Explosive Reel Symbols

Keep an eye out for the paytable at all times to find out what rewards you may be eligible for.

The majority of symbols are fireworks that explode. You can choose from yellow, green or red. Combining them will allow you to win 80 times the amount of your bet. The combination of mixed fireworks can also result in a small cash reward.

Paper lanterns are the most basic of all symbols. This icon is worth 160 times the initial stake, so you want to take advantage of it. The lantern is not worth much compared to the final symbol of the Happy New Year.

Modern Chinese 101

The game logo is the secret reel symbol for Happy New Year. Four Chinese ideograms in a square mean “Happy New Year.”This symbol serves two different purposes.

The logo is a wildcard in Happy New Year. You can use the logo instead of any other symbol to win cash. This welcome joker can be lucrative during the game.

The logo combinations are the most valuable in the game. The value of these combinations depends on the line on which they appear and can range from 1000 to 2400x the amount you bet. Three logos on the same payline can instantly change the game and make you richer.

Enjoy the Party

Happy New Year has classic gameplay but is also a festive and joyful slot game. The paytable may be less diverse in terms of symbols, but it still offers players an excellent chance to make some winning combinations and win some cash.

If you’re not used to playing retro slots, the cluttered screen may initially be a little off-putting. But after a few rounds, you will only see fireworks in the air and huge wins in your pocket.

Harveys Slots

Harveys is a Microgaming slot machine that takes place inside a busy restaurant. Enjoy some delicious spinning action and the champagne reception that rewards you with a few extra spins and potentially huge multipliers. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine might satisfy your gambling appetite.

Book a table at the Best Restaurant in Town.

Harveys is where you want to be. The game’s soundtrack, which features the sound of silver on china and laughter, would suggest this is the case. The reel symbols depicting only the finest foodstuffs show that this restaurant is known for its fine dining.

The main course is prawns with snails. Snails are not everyone’s favorite food (unless it is the traditional dish in France), but you can skip to dessert, an incredibly rich and creamy blueberry cheesecake. After dinner, mints are scatter symbols, and a bottle of bubbly triggers free spins. Harvey is also a wild symbol that can create winning lines.

If you’re a graphics fan, some of Microgaming’s newer titles would be more appealing. The aesthetic is colorful but understated enough to reflect fine dining. You better be sure to have good table manners!

Dinner is Served

You can avoid embarrassing faux pas when you sit down to dinner by ensuring your slot machine etiquette is in perfect order. Be sure to adjust the size of your bet before you start spinning to determine how many lines you want to play. After this, you can change the number and value of coins on each payline.

Card symbols 10, J, Q, and K are the least valuable icons to use in winning combinations. Five aces, for example, will result in only a 150x multiplier on-the-line bet. You can find the spinning nutrition when you align food symbols. Five bowls will reward you with a multiplier of 200x for your line bet, while five plates of snails will reward you with a multiplier of 300x. Prawns pay out more, 500x. A slice of cheesecake pays 800x.

These scattering mints are also quite rewarding, as they offer a 100x multiplier for your total bet if you get five. These scatters are slightly different from other scatter symbols in slot machines. These scatter symbols will pay out regardless of whether or not they appear on a payline. However, they must be arranged from the first reel and continue to go left with adjacent icons.

Harvey is the tastiest of all symbols. Harvey will substitute for every game symbol except scatters and bonus icons. He will reward players with a multiplier of up to 2,000x if they find five characters in a single row. You can also use the gamble feature to quadruple or double your winnings if that is insufficient.

Crack Open the Champagne

This game becomes exciting once you have opened the champagne. You will receive a free round when these bubble symbols appear on both the second and fourth spins. How many freebies will be awarded? The number of freebies awarded could range from 1 to 30 and be chosen randomly just before the games begin. There are more surprises to come, as every winning sequence aligned in these free spins can result in a random multiplier of up to 25x. You will always be on edge, as every free spin can result in a huge win.

Who’s Paying?

Harveys is an easy-to-play slot machine that has a unique theme. It evokes luxury and class without being overly pretentious or ostentatious. Even though the game’s design is outdated, novice players will be able to understand the slot’s operation. It still looks great with a variety of tasty-looking dishes. There is also a round of free spins that looks delicious and could deliver some great wins, thanks to its multiplier action.