Prepare yourself for the most exciting and rewarding hunt you’ve ever been on.

All you need is a computer. No animals are harmed in the process. Big 5 is a Microgaming video slot that will take you on a virtual African safari. This retro game does not require any prior hunting experience.

You can read our review of Big 5 and learn how to bring home a big game on your next hunting trip.

Locked and loaded

According to professional hunters, the Big Five refers to five large African animals that are difficult to hunt.

The five animals are all shown on the game’s screen: the lions, the rhinoceros, the buffalos, and the leopards. In addition to these lovely animals, the game screen is dominated by the reels, paytable, and command bar.

Big 5 is a classic retro-style slot machine with few visuals and many sound effects from the old days to accompany the spinning reels.

Go Big or go Home

Big 5 keeps things simple, allowing players with any experience to enjoy the game and begin betting easily.

Like in retro slots, you have a matrix of three reels and a single payline in the middle. It would be best to line up the symbols along that payline to win cash. You can adjust your wager settings using the buttons at the screen’s bottom left.

The spin button will start the reels. At the same time, the Bet Max shortcut allows you to go all-in in one click. Big 5 has a coin-based system where you can set the coin value and the number of coins you want to bet. You can use the bet-one switch to change from 1, 2, or 3 coins. You can keep track of the cash prizes at stake by checking out the paytable. In the next section, we’ll look at your options.

Classic Symbols with a Special Prize

We have already mentioned that Big 5 uses a coin-based system to determine which of the five rewards you will receive. Naturally, the more coins you wager, the better the rewards.

Regardless of the initial bet, the lowest-paying combinations involve a cherry on the rightmost spin and any other symbols on the first two positions. This configuration allows players to win modest amounts of money frequently.

The bar sign and cherry combinations are the highest-valued cash combinations. Two types of bar signs are available. Those with the number 5 on top are more valuable. The lion is the most valuable of all symbols. If you bet three coins, the jungle king can bring up to 2400 credits.

Venture into the Wild

Big 5 is an excellent example of a vintage slot machine that has been well-designed. The sound effects will make players feel like they are playing at their favorite pub machine. Big 5 has a simple atmosphere and settings, making it a game that is easy to master.

The cash rewards are less generous than you might expect if you’re used to modern slot machines. This game offers an incredible chance to win modest amounts of money, but it needs bonus features such as scatters and wilds.No matter how good you do on Safari, no bonus games or free spins will be available. Players must keep this in mind. However, if they are looking for an easy match with high winning potential and a lion, you will find it at many Microgaming casino sites.

Big Break Slots

There are big waves, surf, fruit, and surfing monkeys. Microgaming’s theme is fun and offers more payouts and prizes than you could shake a stick.

This 5-reel title has 15 paylines and features colorful graphics with super-smooth gameplay. Did we mention it has surfing monkeys? The game can be accessible at Magical Vegas Casino, LiveRoulette Casino, and other online casinos.

Monkey Madness

What do monkeys like (apart from surfing)? You’ll find plenty of fruity excitement on the reels. Coconut pays 5, 10, and 50 times the bet for matching 3, 4, and 5 on your reels. Kiwi Fruit is another juicy fruit that rewards players up to 100 times their wager.

Next is the tropical Mango, which offers players 5x for matching 3, 15x for 4, and 75x on an active payline. Vitamin C-rich Papayas also deliver plenty of coins for checking three, four, and five.

The banana is the last of the fruit families that apes love the most. With prizes worth 10x,50x, and 150x, you won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding.

The furry friends are also available at the following rates.

  • Macaque – 3x, 15x, 75x, 500x
  • Orangutan – 3x, 15x, 100x, 600x
  • Gibbon – 3x, 15x 150x 700x
  • Lemur (not a monkey, we know!)- 5x, 40x, 200x, 800x
  • Gorilla – 5x, 50x, 250x, 1000x

Apeing Around

Big Break is more than just a collection of high-paying prizes in the main game. You can trigger a Free Spins feature when you get three or more Munky Wax scatter symbols on the reels. The part offers a re-trigger ability and 15 generous freebies. The possibilities (almost!) are endless.

Big Break has not just one but two wilds. First, there is the Lucky Break symbol. It comes with a 2-fold multiplier that makes any winning combinations it’s a part of – from left to proper – even more exciting. The second symbol is the Big Break, which replaces all monkey symbols to give you more chances to win.

Spinning all five monkeys across the reels can trigger the Surf’s Up Bonus Game. Your ape buddies will get to show off their surfing abilities! You can also win some fantastic prizes, including multipliers up to 50x. All you have to do to be guaranteed a tip is to pick a random primate.

Take a break

Big Break is the world at your fingertips (if you will excuse the uninspired ocean pun). The wilds and scatters offer a wide range of prizes perfectly complemented by the main game. All the while, the thought of a 50x multiplier will be on your mind.

The Free Spins Bonus is, well, a bonus. However, the Surf’s Up Feature – should you be lucky enough to activate it – will give you the best and biggest payouts the game can offer. Big Break shows that you can both have fun and earn money.

Big Break is a title that you will enjoy playing, thanks to its colorful graphics and enjoyable sounds. Microgaming is behind this title, so you’ll know their animations and excellent touches. And if that wasn’t enough, the game also features SURFING MONKEYS. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll end up going wild.