It is really very wondering moment when you will get the name of the game which would be based on your favorite things which may be anything such as your favorite movies, animals and the most astonishing one which I got on making the search and I found the suggestion of the event which was based on the name of the eatable items. The moment I got the suggestion I made the download of the app and the name of this app is Fruit Salad.

Theme of this one is based on the fruits and the appearance of this one also based on the same. This is designed and maintained by the microgaming company which gives the two types of facility to make the ride. Both of the versions have the feature of three reels but one have the feature of single payline and the other have the feature of three paylines which you can try to make the win. For getting the full description of this app you can go through the read of the review which is posted in forms blogs and forums which will help you in getting more and more prizes.

The decoration of the graphics is done in such a way that you will get the feel as if you are in any fruit garden. The two version of this one is categorized as regular mode and expert mode. The main difference between both of the mode is that in expert mode the game is autoplay which mean you can go through this automatically without having any interaction with the other gamblers.

I often enjoy it with having some wine to drink to get the feel as I am sitting and betting in the casino. The symbols are animated in such a way that it will give some pinch of smile on your face and the symbols which are depicted over the screen are bars, animated bells, and symbol of seven and the logo of the entitled one.

Super Nudge 6000 Slot Machine

You’ll love Netent’s “Super Nudge 6000”, a nostalgic slot that takes you back to a simpler era when retro symbols were used in American diners nationwide. You can spin in oranges, grapes, and melons to win prizes. Three crowns on the Super Bet Board could win you up to 6000 coins.

Playing from 1 coin is enough to cover all five lines. This makes it a fun trip down Nostalgia Lane for everyone.

The Diner: Date Night

Super Nudge 6000 is one of the most detailed slot game backgrounds. Netent has spent a lot of money to create that all-American diner atmosphere. The black and white chequered floors and red faux leather seats are all great, but the moving elements impress. The steaming coffee mug, the birds flying above the Rocky Mountains, and the Lorries that often zoom past the window are just a few of the moving features. You can also find your fortune on the Super Bet Board and baseboard.

Fruitful Fortunes

Play on the baseboard at 1 or 10 coins. You can also squeeze your way into the prizes using oranges or lemons. These are worth 20 coins regardless of your stake. Grapes are worth 30 to 60 coins, and melons 40 to 80 coins. Bells are worth 40 or 80 coins. You can also start to ring up larger prizes by using bells. If you hit three dollar signs, you will win 200 coins. However, you will win the maximum payout of 6,000 coins if your stake is ten or more.

Any win of 20 or more coins will get you to the Super Bet board. There you can spin the reels, and you’ll be able to see nudges that can move symbols up or down to create winning lines for you. You can play 20 coins per spin to get one nudge. Play 40 coins to get two nudges. Play 60 coins to get three nudges. The Super Bet Board also offers additional symbol payouts, including 7s worth 100 coins and crowns worth 300 to 6,000 coins.

Super Stakes

This retro slot is available to all levels of players. You can play for as little as one coin per spin. Any win of 20 or more will allow you to play on Super Bet Board. You can play the Super Board at just 20 coins per spin if you are a high roller and want to enjoy it.

Crowning Moment

The American Diner setting, retro symbols, and Super Bet Board are brilliant. A top win of 6,000 is just its crowning moment.