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Epic Gladiators Slots

For years, arcade fans and users of mobile apps have been enjoying games that award points for matching symbols. Online slots have also recently copied the “cascading nature” of Candy Crush and Bejeweled and their many copies.

Sweet Alchemy by Play’n GO, a candy-themed video slot, has a multiplier meter that fills every time a player wins a line. While the primary reels are similar to any other 3×5 slot machine, the bonus round awards prizes when you connect matching symbols horizontally or vertically. Blueprint Gaming even converted the popular Bejeweled app into a gambling game you can play for real money.

Evoplay Entertainment follows a similar route but does away with the candy and jewel themes. Epic Gladiators, a video slot from the Ukrainian developer, uses the same grid and progressive win meter as Bejeweled 2. It also includes some cute cartoons for good measure. We’ll examine closely to see if this title is truly “epic” and as “funny” as its name implies.

Match 5 Symbols to Explode Wins

Evoplay Entertainment has been a big success in Kyiv. The team has been creating online casino slot and table games from its Ukraine base for several years. Evoplay Entertainment has pushed the envelope when it comes to graphics.

Epic Gladiators is still a beautiful game, even though it doesn’t have the same 3D graphics quality as its other titles. The gameplay is still straightforward. It’s more like a mobile arcade than a slot machine.

This online slot revolves around the heroics of a brave Gladiator and his team as they battle an army of terrifying undead warriors. The cute heroes will leap and slash around the reels as you play.

The grid is 7×7 symbols. The symbols will cascade across the screen when you press the Spin button. Five matching symbols can be linked horizontally or vertically to cause them to explode. The signs above them will then fall and cascade again. Your payouts are more significant the more wins you string together.

The player can select from a combination of coins. The minimum bet is 0.01, and there are ten betting levels to suit high-limit gamblers.

Enjoy the Base Game and Earn Up to 8,000 Coins The player can win a cash prize by aligning matching symbols in the grid. The eight regular symbols are the ones to aim for. The biggest reward is reserved for 15 symbols in a single block.

The game awards two coins for matching five symbols and up to 1,000 if 15 icons are reached. The lowest-paying elements are the earth and air elements. The boulder represents the earth. Water drops pay out between 3 and 1,200 coins, while clouds representing air can be worth up to 1,500. The fire symbol awards seven to 2,500 coin prizes.

Gladiator symbols pay a bit more. The helmet of our hero pays between eight and 3,000 coins when five to fifteen characters are displayed. However, Shield (10-5000) or Sword (12-7000) offer more. The skeleton shield provides the highest payout at 8,000 coins when 15 symbols are connected.

Wild symbols are also included in the free Epic Gladiators online slot machine. This wild symbol will replace all other characters in the game.